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Parallel and Distributed Databases


Advances in data management (store, access, query, retrieval, analysis, mining) are inherent to current and future information systems. Today, accessing great volumes of information is a reality; in the future data intensive management systems will enable huge user communities to transparently access multiple pre-existing autonomous, distributed and heterogeneous resources (data, documents, images, services). Existing data management solutions do not provide efficient techniques for exploiting and mining Tera-datasets available in clusters, peer to peer and Grid architectures. Parallel and distributed file systems, databases, data warehouses, and digital libraries are a key element for achieving scalable, efficient systems that will both cost-effectively manage and extract knowledge from huge amounts of highly distributed and heterogeneous digital data repositories.



Global chair

Local chair

Doménico Talia
University of Calabria
Josep Lluis Larriba-Pey
Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya

Vice chair

Vice chair

Hillol Kargupta
University of Maryland
Esther Pacitti
Université de Nantes

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