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High Performance Architectures and Compilers


This topic deals with architecture design and compilation for high performance systems – the discovery and support of parallelism at all levels. The areas of interest range from microprocessors to large-scale parallel machines; from general-purpose platforms to specialised hardware (e.g., graphic coprocessors, low-power embedded systems); and from hardware design to compiler technology. On the compilation side, topics of interest include language aspects, program analysis, transformation, automatic extraction of parallelism at all levels, and the interaction between compiler and the rest of the system. On the architecture side, the scope spans system architectures, processor microarchitecture, memory hierarchy, multi-threading, and the impact of emerging trends.



Global chair

Local chair

Koen de Bosschere
Ghent University
Luis Piñuel
Universidad complutense

Vice chair

Vice chair

Ayal Zaks
IBM, Haifa
Michael C. Huang
University of Rochester

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