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High Performance Networks


This topic is devoted to communication issues in scalable compute and storage systems, such as parallel computers, networks of workstations, and clusters. All aspects of communication in modern systems are of interest, including advances in the design, implementation, and evaluation of interconnection networks, network interfaces, system and storage area networks, on-chip interconnects, communication protocols, routing and communication algorithms, and communication aspects of parallel and distributed algorithms. Submitted papers should present significant, original work in the practice or theory of addressing aspects of performance, reliability and availability, power consumption and heat dissipation, cost, scalability, and management. The scope of the topic includes, but is not limited to:



Global chair

Local chair

Tor Skeie
Daniel Ortega
HP Labs

Vice chair

Vice chair

Raimir Holanda Filho
University of Fortaleza
José Flich
Technical University of Valencia

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