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Distributed and High Performance Multimedia


In recent years, the world has seen a tremendous increase in the capability to create, share and store multimedia items, i.e. a combination of pictorial, textual, and auditory data. Moreover, in emerging multimedia applications, generation, processing, storage, indexing, querying, retrieval, delivery, shielding, and visualization of multimedia content are integrated issues, all taking place at the same time and - potentially - at different administrative domains. As a result of these trends, a number of novel and hard research questions arise, which can be answered only by applying techniques of parallel, distributed, and Grid computing. The scope of this topic embraces issues from high-performance processing, coding, indexing, and retrieval of multimedia data over parallel architectures for multimedia servers, databases and information systems, up to highly distributed architectures in heterogeneous, wired and wireless networks. "Proof of concept" implementations, case studies, and performance evaluations are particularly solicited.



Global chair

Local chair

Frank Seinstra
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Nicolás Guil
Universidad de Málaga

Vice chair

Vice chair

Zoltan Juhasz
University of Pannonia
Simon Wilson
Trinity College Dublin

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