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Parallel Numerical Algorithms


Fast and robust parallel or distributed algorithms for core numerical tasks and their efficient implementation in easy-to-use portable software components are crucial for computational science and engineering applications. The sessions of this topic will provide a forum for the presentation and disscussion of new developments in field of parallel and distributed numerical algorithms. All aspects of their design and implementation will be addressed, ranging from fundamental algorithmic concepts via their efficient implementation on modern parallel or distributed architectures (including multi-core systems, clusters, or the grid), to software design and prototyping in scientific computing or simulation software environments and performance analysis. Contributions dealing with algorithms and software for problems in all of these areas are welcome. Special focus will be put on parallel algorithms for the following areas:



Global chair

Local chair

Hans-Joachim Bungartz
Technische Universität München
Javier Bruguera
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

Vice chair

Vice chair

Peter Arbenz
ETH Zürich
Bruce Hendrickson
Sandia National Labs

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