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Despite an impressive body of research, parallel and distributed computing remains a complex task prone to subtle software bugs that can affect both the correctness and the performance of the computation. The increasing demand to distribute computing over large-scale distributed platforms, such as grids and large clusters, overlaps with an increasing pressure to make computing more dependable. To address these challenges, the parallel and distributed computing community continuously requires better tools and environments to design, program, debug, test, tune, and monitor programs. This topic aims to bring together tool designers, developers, and users to share their concerns, ideas, solutions, and products covering a wide range of platforms. We will particularly value contributions with solid theoretical foundations and experimental validations on production cluster and grid systems. This year, we encourage submissions proposing intelligent monitoring and diagnosis tools and environments, which can exploit behavior knowledge to detect programming bugs and ensure correct program execution in the presence of these bugs.



Global chair

Local chair

Marios Dikaiakos
University of Cyprus
Joao Lourenço
Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Vice chair

Vice chair

Omer Rana
Cardiff University
Shmuel Ur
IBM Research Labs

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