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  1. Support Tools and Environments
  2. Performance Prediction and Evaluation
  3. Scheduling and Load-Balancing
  4. High Performance Architectures and Compilers
  5. Parallel and Distributed Databases
  6. Grid and Cluster Computing
  7. Peer to Peer Computing
  8. Distributed Systems and Algorithms
  9. Parallel and Distributed Programming
  10. Parallel Numerical Algorithms
  11. Distributed and High Performance Multimedia
  12. Theory and Algorithms for Parallel Computation
  13. High Performance Networks
  14. Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

Papers by Topic

Support Tools and Environments

  1. DGSim: Comparing Grid Resource Management Architectures Through Trace-Based Simulation
    Alexandru Iosup; Ozan Sonmez; Dick Epema

  2. MPC: a unified parallel runtime for clusters of NUMA machines
    Marc Perache; Herve Jourdren; Raymond Namyst

  3. Providing non-stop service for message-passing based parallel applications with RADIC
    Guna Santos; Dolores Isabel Rexachs; Angelo Duarte; Emilio Luque

  4. Supporting Parameter Sweep Applications with Synthesized Grid Services
    Juergen Hofer; Thomas Fahringer

  5. A P2P Approach to Resource Discovery in On-line Monitoring of Grid Workflows
    Bartlomiej Labno; Marian Bubak; Bartosz Balis

  6. Transparent mobile middleware integration for Java and .NET development environments
    Edgar Marques; Luí,s Veiga; Paulo Ferreira

  7. Clock Synchronization in Cell BE Traces
    Marina Biberstein; Yuval Harel; Andre Heilper

  8. On-Line Performance Modeling for MPI Applications
    Oleg Morajko; Anna Morajko; Tomas Margalef; Emilio Luque

Performance Prediction and Evaluation

  1. Directory-Based Metadata Optimizations for Small Files in PVFS
    Michael Kuhn; Julian Kunkel; Thomas Ludwig

  2. Caspian: A Tunable Performance Model for Multi-Core Systems
    A. E. Kiasari; Hamid Sarbazi-Azad; Shaahin Hessabi

  3. Performance Model for Parallel Mathematical Libraries Based on Historical Knowledgebase
    Ihab Salawdeh, Eduardo Cesar, Anna Morajko, Tomas Margalef, Emilio Luque

  4. A Performance Model of Dense Matrix Operations on Many-core Architectures
    Long Guoping; Dongrui Fan

  5. Empirical Analysis of a Large-Scale Hierarchical Storage System
    Weikuan Yu

  6. To Snoop or Not to Snoop: Evaluation of Fine-Grained and Coarse-Grained Snoop Filtering
    Jessica Young; Srihari Makineni; Ravishankar Iyer; Don Newell; Adrian Moga

  7. Performance Implications of Cache Affinity on Multicore Processors
    Vahid Kazempour; Alexandra Fedorova; Pouya Alagheband

  8. Observing Performance Dynamics using Parallel Profile Snapshots
    Alan Morris; Wyatt Spear; Allen Malony; Sameer Shende

  9. Event Tracing and Visualization for Cell Broadband Engine Systems
    Daniel Hackenberg; Holger Brunst; Wolfgang Nagel

  10. Evaluating Heterogeneous Memory Model by Realistic Trace-driven Hardware/Software Co-Simulation
    Wei Wang; Qigang Wang; Wei Wei; Dong Liu

  11. Mapping Heterogeneous Distributed Applications on Clusters
    Sylvain Jubertie; Emmanuel Melin; Jeremie Vautard; Arnaud Lallouet

  12. Neural Network-based Load Prediction for Highly Dynamic Distributed Online Games
    Vlad Nae; Radu Prodan; Thomas Fahringer

  13. Bottleneck Detection in Parallel File Systems with Trace-Based Performance Monitoring
    Julian Kunkel; Thomas Ludwig

Scheduling and Load-Balancing

  1. Dynamic Grid scheduling using job execution time requirements and variable resource availability
    Sam Verboven, Peter Hellinckx, Jan Broeckhove, Frans Arickx

  2. Enhancing prediction on non-dedicated clusters
    Josep Lérida, F. Solsona, F. Giné J.R. García, M. Hanzich, P. Hernández

  3. Co-allocation with communication considerations in multi-cluster systems
    John Ngubiri, Mario van Vliet

  4. Fine-grained task scheduling using adaptive data structures
    Ralf Hoffmann, Thomas Rauber

  5. Exploration of the influence of program inputs on CMP co-scheduling
    Yunlian Jiang, Xipeng Shen

  6. Integrating dynamic memory placement with adaptive load-balancing for parallel codes on NUMA multiprocessors
    Paul Slavin, Len Freeman

  7. Guest-aware priority-based virtual machine scheduling for highly consolidated server
    Dongsung Kim, Hwanju Kim, Myeongjae Jeon

  8. Dynamic pipeline mapping
    Andreu Moreno, Eduardo Cesar, Alexander Guevara, Joan Sorribes, Tomas Margalef, Emilio Luque

  9. Formal model and scheduling heuristics for the replica migration problem
    Nikos Tziritas, Thanasis Loukopoulos, Petros Lampsas, Spyros Lalis

High Performance Architectures and Compilers

  1. Reducing the Number of Bits in the BTB to Attack the Branch Predictor Hot-Spot
    Noel Tomás, Julio Sahuquillo, Salvador Petit, Pedro Lopez

  2. Low-Cost Adaptive Data Prefetching
    Luis Ramos, Jose Briz, Pablo Ibañez, Victor Viñals

  3. Stream Scheduling: A Framework to Manage Bulk Operations in Multi-level Memory Hierarchies
    Abhishek Das, William J. Dally

  4. Interprocedural Speculative Optimization of Memory Accesses to Global Variables
    Lars Gesellensetter, Sabine Glesner

  5. Efficiently Building the Gated Single Assignment Form in Codes with Pointers in Modern Optimizing Compilers
    Manuel Arenaz, Pedro Amoedo, Juan Touriño

  6. Inter-Block Scoreboard Scheduling in a JIT Compiler for VLIW Processors
    Benoit Dupont de Dinechin

  7. Global Tiling for Communication Minimal Parallelization on Distributed Memory Systems
    Liu Lei, Li Chen, ChengYong Wu, Xiao-bing Feng

Parallel and Distributed Databases

  1. Reducing Transaction Abort Rates with Prioritized Atomic Multicast Protocols
    Emili Miedes, Francesc D. Muñoz-Escoí, Hendrik Decker

  2. Fault-Tolerant Partial Replication in Large-Scale Database Systems
    Pierre Sutra, Marc Shapiro

  3. Exploiting Hybrid Parallelism in Web Search Engines
    Carolina Bonacic, Carlos García, Mauricio Marin, Manuel Prieto, Francisco Tirado

  4. Complex Queries for Moving Object Databases in DHT-based Systems
    Cecilia Hernandez, Andrea Hernandez, Mauricio Marin

  5. Scheduling Intersection Queries in Term Partitioned Inverted Files
    Mauricio Marin, Carlos Gomez-Pantoja, Senen Gonzalez, Graciela Veronica Gil-Costa

Grid and Cluster Computing

  1. Integration of GRID superscalar and GridWay Metascheduler with the DRMAA OGF Standard
    R.M. Badia, D. Du, E. Huedo, A. Kokossis, I. M. Llorente, R. S. Montero, M. de Palol, R. Sirvent, and C. V azquez

  2. Building Hierarchical Grid Storage Using the GFARM Global File System and the JUXMEM Grid Data-Sharing Service
    Gabriel Antoniu, Loïc Cudennec, Majd Ghareeb, and Osamu Tatebe

  3. Enhancing Grids for Massively Multiplayer Online Computer Games
    Sergei Gorlatch, Frank Glinka, Alexander Ploss, Jens Müller-Iden, Radu Prodan, Vlad Nae, Thomas Fahringer

  4. Spectral Clustering Scheduling Techniques for Tasks with Strict QoS Requirements
    Nikos Doulamis, Panagiotis Kokkinos, and Emmanouel Varvarigos

  5. QoS-Oriented Reputation-Aware Query Scheduling in Data Grids
    Rogério Luís de Carvalho Costa and Pedro Furtado

  6. Flying Low: Simple Leases with Workspace Pilot
    Timothy Freeman, Katarzyna Keahey

  7. Self-Configuring Resource Discovery on a Hypercube Grid Overlay
    Antonia Gallardo, Luis Díaz de Cerio, Kana Sanjeevan

  8. Auction Protocols for Resource Allocations in Ad-hoc Grids
    Behnaz Pourebrahimi, Koen Bertels

  9. GrAMoS: A Flexible Service for WS-Agreement Monitoring in Grid Environments
    Glauber Scorsatto, Alba Cristina Magalhaes Alves de Melo

  10. Scalability of Grid Simulators: An Evaluation
    Wim Depoorter, Nils De Moor, Kurt Vanmechelen, and Jan Broeckhove

  11. Performance Evaluation of Data Management Layer by Data Sharing Patterns for Grid RPC Applications
    Yoshihiro Nakajima, Yoshiaki Aida, Mitsuhisa Sato, Osamu Tatebe

  12. The impact of clustering on token-based mutual exclusion algorithms
    Julien Sopena, Luciana Arantes, Fabrice Legond-Aubry, and Pierre Sens

  13. Reducing Kernel Development Complexity in Distributed Environments
    Adrien Lèbre, Renaud Lottiaux, Erich Focht, and Christine Morin

  14. A Twofold Distributed Game-Tree Search Approach Using Interconnected Clusters
    Kai Himstedt, Ulf Lorenz, and Dietmar P. F. Möller

Peer to Peer Computing

  1. Scalable Byzantine Fault Tolerant Public Key Authentication for Peer-to-Peer Networks
    Ruichuan Chen, Wenjia Guo, Liyong Tang, Jianbin Hu, and Zhong Chen

  2. Secure Forwarding in DHTs - Is Redundancy the Key to Robustness?
    Marc Sà,nchez-Artigas, Pedro García-López, and Antonio G. Skarmeta

  3. P2P Evolutionary Algorithms: A Suitable Approach for Tackling Large Instances in Hard Optimization Problems
    J.L.J. Laredo, A.E. Eiben, M. van Steen, P.A. Castillo, A.M. Mora, and J.J. Merelo

  4. Efficient Processing of Continuous Join Queries using Distributed Hash Tables
    Wenceslao Palma, Reza Akbarinia, Esther Pacitti, Patrick Valduriez

Distributed Systems and Algorithms

  1. Automatic Prefetching with Binary Code Rewriting in Object-based DSMs
    Jean Christophe Beyler, Michael Klemm, Michael Philippsen, and Philippe Clauss

  2. A PGAS-based Algorithm for the Longest Common Subsequence Problem
    M. Bakhouya, O. Serres, and T. El-Ghazawi

  3. Data Mining Algorithms on the Cell Broadband Engine
    Rubing Duan and Alfred Strey

  4. Efficient Management of Complex Striped Files in Active Storage
    Juan Piernas and Jarek Nieplocha

Parallel and Distributed Programming

  1. Improving the Performance of Multiple Conjugate Gradient Solvers by Exploiting Overlap
    Jose Sancho, Darren Kerbyson

  2. A Software Component Model with Spatial and Temporal Compositions for Grid infrastructures
    Hinde Bouziane, Christian Perez, Thierry Priol

  3. A Design Pattern for Component Oriented Development of Agent Based Multithreaded Applications
    Antonio Rodriguez, Pedro Enrique López De Teruel, Alberto Ruíz García, Gines García-Mateos, Lorenzo Fernández Maimó

  4. Advanced Concurrency Control for Transactional Memory using Transaction Commit Rate
    Mohammad Ansari, Christos Kotselidis, Kim Jarvis, Mikel Lujan, Chris Kirkham, Ian Watson

  5. Meta-programming applied to automatic SMP parallelization of linear algebra code
    Joel Falcou, Jocelyn Sérot, Lucien Pech, Jean Thierry Lapreste

  6. Solving Dense Linear Systems on Graphics Processors
    Sergio Barrachina, Maribel Castillo, Francisco Igual-Peña, Rafael Mayo, Enrique Quintana Orti

  7. Radioastronomy Image Synthesis on the Cell/B.E.
    Ana Lucia Varbanescu, Alexander van Amesfoort, Tim Cornwell, Bruce Elmegreen, Andrew Mattingly, Rob van Nieuwpoort, Henk Sips, Ger van Diepen

  8. Parallel lattice Boltzmann flow simulation on emerging multi-core platforms
    Liu Peng

Parallel Numerical Algorithms

  1. Parallel Algorithms for Triangular Periodic Sylvester-Type Matrix Equations
    Robert Granat; Bo Kågström; Isak Jonsson; Per Andersson

  2. A parallel sparse linear solver for nearest-neighbor tight-binding problems
    Mathieu Luisier; Andreas Schenk; Wolfgang Fichtner; Timothy Boykin; Gerhard Klimeck

  3. Exploiting the Locality Properties of Peano Curves for Parallel Matrix Multiplication
    Michael Bader

  4. Systematic Parallelization of Medical Image Reconstruction for Graphics Hardware
    Maraike Schellmann; Jürgen Vörding; Sergei Gorlatch

  5. Load Balancing for a Block-Based Parallel Adaptive 4D Vlasov Solver
    Olivier Hoenen; Eric Violard

  6. A parallel sensor scheduling technique for fault detection in distributed parameter systems
    Maciej Patan

Distributed and High Performance Multimedia

  1. On a Novel Dynamic Parallel Hardware Architecture for Lifting-Based DWT
    Sami Khanfir; Mohamed Jemni

  2. Analytical Evaluation of Clients' Failures in a LVoD Architecture Based on P2P and Multicast Paradigms
    Rodrigo Godoi; Xiao Yuan Yang; Porfidio Hernandez

  3. A Search Engine Index for Multimedia Content
    Mauricio Marin; Graciela Veronica Gil-Costa; Carolina Bonacic

Theory and Algorithms for Parallel Computation

  1. Bi-objective approximation scheme for makespan and reliability optimization on uniform parallel machines
    Emmanuel Jeannot; Erik Saule; Denis Trystram

  2. Deque-free work-optimal parallel STL algorithms
    Daouda Traore, Julien Bernard, Thierry Gautier, Nicolas Maillard, Jean-Louis Roch

High Performance Networks

  1. Reducing Packet Dropping in a Bufferless NoC
    Crispin Gomez; Maria Engracia Gomez; Pedro Lopez; Jose Duato

  2. A Communication-Aware Topological Mapping Technique for NoCs
    Rafael Tornero; Juan Manuel Orduna; Maurizio Palesi; Jose Duato

  3. Approximating the Traffic Grooming Problem with respect to ADMs and OADMs
    Michele Flammini; Gianpiero Monaco; Luca Moscardelli; Mordechai Shalom; Shmuel Zaks

  4. On the Influence of the Packet Marking and Injection Control Schemes in Congestion Management for MINs
    Joan-LLuís Ferrer; Elvira Baydal; Antonio Robles; Pedro Lopez; Jose Duato

  5. Deadlock-Free Dynamic Network Reconfiguration Based on Close Up*/Down* Graphs
    Antonio Robles-Gómez; Aurelio Bermudez; Rafael Casado; Aashild Solheim

  6. HITP: A Transmission Protocol for Scalable High-Performance Distributed Storage
    Pierpaolo Giacomin; Alessandro Bassi; Frank Seinstra; Thilo Kielmann; Henri Bal

Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing